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Training and Development is a continuous, pro-active process to enhance the knowledge and skills of an Individual

At the Lanciere Education Center in Hyderabad, training becomes an immersive journey filled with education, inspiration, practical application, and self-discovery. This center, established in 2005 with the aim of nurturing talents from across the globe, has now evolved into the world’s largest corporate training hub.

It serves as the nurturing ground for our distinguished Foundation Program for graduates, hosts internship opportunities for students, and provides a nurturing environment for the Lanciere Leadership Institute, where future top-tier executives within our organization are groomed to lead with excellence. It’s not just a training center; it’s a place where potential blossoms into real-world competence and leadership.

Learning never stops

Think of training as a carefully crafted journey designed to enhance the knowledge, capabilities, and skills of our dedicated workforce. This transformative experience unfolds in a series of well-planned phases. It all begins with identifying the specific needs through a Training Need Analysis (TNA). Once we have a clear picture, we move on to create a tailored training program, followed by the engaging process of bringing it to life.

Never Stop Learning (1).png

The expert in anything was once a beginner once

To enhance the employability skills of the students, the training program is delivered from the beginning in a structured manner along with the course curriculum. The content of the initial year is based on basic communication skills with activities that help motivate students to improve their communication and presentation skills and develop self-confidence.
By the time these students reach the end of their program, they are capable enough to get through the selection process of the top companies who visit the University for Campus Recruitment and for off-campus interviews also.

Aarav k., Software Developer 

Joining Lan Edu was a transformative experience for me. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects prepared me for real-world challenges. I am now successfully placed in a leading tech firm, all thanks to the unparalleled guidance and support from the team.


Lanciere Education Center (Lan Edu Center) emphasizes transformation over training. Training is pivotal for personal and professional growth, integral to our holistic development approach.


In the realm of education and employment, placement denotes aligning individuals with appropriate opportunities in their desired field, ensuring a harmonious match between candidates and positions.

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